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Getting the MOST
   out of Rome!

Rome Day Tours New Logo of Marcus Aurelius with a clever Sun Like Overlay Pattern

Rome Day Tours with American Rich Brunn

Rome Day Tours offer high quality walking tours in Rome and the Vatican, such as in this image of American Rich Brunn touring for a small family while in the Colosseum

American Rich Brunn has worked in the area of Roman teaching/ tourism since the spring of 2000 and is even one of Rome's very few Officially Licensed American Guides.

He started this company of Rome walking tours while finishing up his Masters while living in Rome and teaching Roman Topography (Ancient), Medieval/ Renaissance Roman and European History at St. Stephen's high school in Rome, which both took advantage of Rome's role as a key documentary city for these phases of History.

Rich organizes all of his High Quality Walking Tours in Rome and the Vatican, with super fast entrances/ no lines and will help make the History of Rome come alive! His Rome Day Tours sun-like upper background/ "Day" tours logo, is a visual of "shedding light" on Rome's amazing attributes.

It's really helpful having a personal guide, who can focus on the particular needs of whichever family or friends you're bringing, as Rome has a seemingly endless list of important Emperors, Popes, Artists and Architects that have played some major role in creating this multi-layered city.

This site is meant to provide a convenient option for people like yourself to cut out the middleman "tour operators" and get to know, contact and work with me personally.

Rome Day Tours organize high quality walking tours with little to no wait in any line into places such as the Colosseuml. This is an image of Licensed Guide and American Rich Brunn leading a tour through the Imperial Forum, nearby the Colosseum

Walking Tours: #1 The Historical Center - #2 Ancient Rome - #3 The Vatican - #4 Capitoline - #5 Ostia Antica

Click here to send Rich your request: richbrunn@gmail.com