Rome Day Tours
with American Rich Brunn
High Quality Walking Tours
in Rome and the Vatican

Rome Day Tours with American Rich Brunn

Rome Day Tours organize High Quality Walking Tours in Rome and the Vatican, with super fast entrances/ no lines; while making the History of Rome come alive! The Rome Day Tours sun-like upper background/ "Day" tours, is a visual of "shedding light" on Rome's amazing attributes.

Rome Day Tours organize high quality walking tours with little to no wait in any line into places such as the Colosseum

Why have a Tour in Rome?

Rome Day Tours are for the intellectually curious who want to learn a lot, while having fun doing it! In fact, Rome has a seemingly endless list of important Emperors, Popes, Artists and Architects that have played some major role in creating this multi-layered city. Our tree like ROMEDAYTOURS.COM logo was inspired by our profound appreciation of the shade produced by Rome's incredibly beautiful Mediterranean Pines, that we love taking advantage of, while delving into Rome's significant Historical, Archetectural and Religious Roots.

Native English Speaking Tour Guide of Rome

American Rich Brunn started this company of Rome walking tours while finishing up his Masters while living in Rome and teaching Roman Topography (Ancient), Medieval/ Renaissance Roman and European History at St. Stephen’s high school in Rome. Rich's tours truly make the history of Rome come alive!

With over 20 years of experience, Rich’s Rome Day Tours organize Rome’s most talented Guides who he has personally gotten to know over the years. We are primarily scholars, who absolutely love sharing the depths of Rome and the Vatican in a convenient and fun manner, tailored for you to get the most out of your experience.

NO wait in lines! Rome Day Tours have been shedding light on Rome’s amazing treasures since 1998, organized to get the most out of the City’s Treasures in as comfortable and efficient manner as possible.

Walking Tours: The Historical Center - Ancient Rome - The Vatican - Ostia Antica