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Getting the MOST
   out of Rome!

Rome Day Tours New Logo of Marcus Aurelius with a clever Sun Like Overlay Pattern

#4 Capitoline Museum and Imperial Forums Tour:

The Capitoline Museum Tour covers one of the world's oldest and most important museums, featuring some of the greatest ancient and Renaissance sculptures, frescos and Mosaics.

We'll get to progress through the lower Imperial Forums, have an amazingly comfortable view down into the main downtown city center and even be able to walk through the just recently opened Forum of Emperor Trajan.

Rome Day Tours Capitoline Museum Tour, image of Michelangelo's amazing piazza, featuring a modern copy of the late 2nd century Equestrian statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, finally making sense of Rich's Marcus Aurelius Logo, in which he's at least virtually imposed a modern/ repeatable square rendition of that same pattern onto the original Gilded Bronze Equestrian Statue

We'll then finish up by covering the nearby Theater of Marcellus that served as the Colosseum's main architectural inspiration.

The Capitoline Museums are THE oldest public museums in the world, covering a hill that started off more than 3,000 years ago, boasting a unique record of being Rome's FIRST hill to be regularly inhabited centuries in fact before the others.

The Capitoline Hill became Rome's political and religious center, focused on the massive Temple of Jupiter that became the very symbol of Rome itself and its infrastructure was amazingly enough, only rediscovered middle of last century and is now one of the museums highlights!

Nearby that, is the oldest and still partially gilded equestrian bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius that was physically moved away from Michelangelo's amazing piazza.

We'll see many other amazing ancient Bronze pieces such as the famous Capitoline She Wolf that marked the original late 15th century nucleus of the museum!

Michelangelo's famous piazza sets the stage for all of the other famous pieces we'll see including the Capitoline Venus, head of Constantine, Caravaggio's "Good Luck" to just name a few.

Rome Day Tours of the Capitoline Hill and Museum also cover the 1st century Imperial Forums, including that of Julius Ceasar.

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