A Rome Day Tour through the Vatican where we were even joined by a super friendly nun

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With American Rich Brunn:

The Vatican: Museums Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica

A Rome Day Tour through the Vatican where we were even joined by a super friendly nun

Starting off with a special super fast entrance before they've even opened up to the general public allows one of the most uncrowded and pleasant visits imaginable at the Vatican. These Museums have highlights on display from literally the past 2,000 years including the most well known Papal Apartments by Raphael and the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.

As one of the largest collections of artwork in the world, we'll cruise past large groups in seeing such famous highlights as the Apollo Belvedere, Laocoon group, great Bronze Hercules, Galleries of the Maps, Tapestries and Candelabra, while appreciating the changing cultural, political and religious dynamics that produced this amazing collection over the centuries.

Following the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel, we'll have access to the special guide entrance to St. Peter's Basilica, where we'll appreciate such masterpieces as Michelangelo's Pieta and Dome to Bernini's Baldacchino + piazza.

Keep in mind that the Vatican is at least never conveniently toured on Sunday's and that dresses/ shorts must be below knee level and shoulders covered really only for inside certain areas such as St. Peter's, so bringing zip on attire/ scarfs is acceptable.

Friday night time visits are also available from mid April to the end of October. If you'll be here during one of the available days, I'll let you know if the possibility is available for you.